Q&A with Lagos-based fashion photographer Lakin Ogunbanwo:

In about five sentences or less, tell us a little about yourself
and what you do:

I like to think I’m a funny, opinionated, simple young man.

What led you to photography and how long have you considered yourself a photographer?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to take pictures

What role, if any, does your Nigerian heritage and identity play in your photography, and how conscious are you of your cultural assets when working?

It’s not something I consciously focus on, but being born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, my work is constantly influenced by my culture. 

Portraiture and fashion photography seem to be the main focus areas of your work, is this the road you’d always pictured yourself going down or is this simply the result of opportunity?

It was always going to be [about] people. Fashion, because of how creative it allows me to be, and portraiture because of the connection it allows me to have with the subjects I photograph. 

What have been some of the most rewarding moments in your career thus far?

The fact that I have a career is in itself rewarding.

Lastly, where else on the internet can people connect with you, besides tumblr?

instagram & twitter: @lakinogunbanwo

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